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If you don't see what you're looking for on this page, give us a call or send an email to  We can usually customize any map or report to suit your needs.

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Mapping & Peer Group Packages Standard Price
HMDA Maps & Tables $475
CRA Maps & Tables $375
Management Tools & Exam Preparation Reports Standard Price
HMDA Narrative & Peer Review $400 only available w/purchase of HMDA mapping package
CRA Narrative & Peer Review $400 only available w/purchase of CRA mapping package
Fair Lending Review (NEW!) $675
Market Share Reports Standard Price
HMDA Market Share Series $250
HMDA Market Share By Town, Tract, County, MSA, or State $150
CRA Market Share Series $250
CRA Market Share by County, MSA, or State $150
Quarterly Subscriptions Standard Price
HMDA Quarterly Reports $150 per quarterly analysis
CRA Quarterly Reports $150 per quarterly analysis
Peer Group Reports Standard Price
HMDA One-On-One Peer Reports $30 per comparison
HMDA Peer Group Reports
CRA Peer Group Reports

As you review our HMDA and CRA products, you may notice that we've restructured our mapping packages to include Spring and Fall editions.  Our Spring editions represent the greatest value: you'll receive a thorough analysis of your HMDA and CRA data in the Spring and an updated set of peer group reports and lender ranking reports in late-summer when the national peer data becomes available.  Plus you'll qualify for discounts on all of our products for the rest of the year. Home   |   HMDA & CRA Products
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