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We can help you map and analyze your loans and/or deposits if you can provide us with street addresses and/or zip codes for your accounts.  As a first step, we'll geocode your address file(s) by assigning latitude/longitude coordinates and other geographic codes to each address record.  Once that's done, the process of mapping and analyzing the data is pretty straightforward.  Our analysis will typically include a series of color maps and comparative reports including a breakdown by income level and a comparison of activity inside versus outside your assesment area.  Of course, the precise contents of the maps and reports that we produce will be tailored to meet your specific requirements.  For example, some banks may want to see separate maps and reports for several different loan categories (i.e. auto loans, unsecured loans, commercial loans, mortgage loans); other banks may only want to see a single set of maps and reports for their entire loan portfolio.  We can usually customize any map and report to suit your needs and we can work with most electronic data formats (including dBase, text, excel, access).  Click here to view sample maps and reports.

Since we will be geocoding your account information, we can also generate dot density maps to display your data.  Dot density maps allow you to visualize the precise street location of your accounts, rather than rolling them up to the census tract level.  Click here to view a sample dot density map.

If you don't see what you're looking for on this page, give us a call or send an email to  We can usually customize any map or report to suit your needs.  Click here to view our and other important product information.

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