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If you don't see what you're looking for on this page, give us a call or send an email to  We can usually customize any map or report to suit your needs.  Prices shown are standard starting prices and may vary based on project scope.

HMDA/CRA Lending Test Fair Lending
Annual HMDA/CRA Reviews (w/Maps) $875 Fair Lending Review w/Outlier Tables $875
HMDA/CRA Performance Review (Pre-Exam) $875 Annual Fair Lending Peer Tables $475
Annual HMDA/CRA Peer Tables $475  Pricing & Underwriting Review $875
Quarterly HMDA/CRA Monitoring $300  
Community Development & Investment Test Assessment Area Maps & Other Maps
Community Development Test Review $875 Basic Assessment Area Map (With or Without Income Levels) $295
Investment Test Review (For Large Banks) $875 Loan Distribution Maps & Demographic Maps
Community Development Peer Tables $475 Street Maps, Dot Density Maps
  Radius Maps, Branch Maps

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